Founded by Galina Aronis, RE, in 1984, GA Electrolysis Center began on Park Avenue in New York City. We have been located in the Coolidge Corner part of Brookline, Massachusetts since 1986.

Electrolysis is the only method for permanently removing unwanted hair. That is true no matter what type of skin you have, no matter what degree of skin pigmentation you have and no matter what level of sensitivity. And you can rest assured about the safety of electrolysis. It has been a safe and effective process that has been in use since 1875.

At GA Electrolysis Center, we employ all three methods of electrolysis: the galvanic, thermolysis and blend methods. Each of these methods, which are sometimes called modalities, has its own merits and has been approved by the FDA. Any of the three methods, when properly performed, will permanently remove hair.

At GA Electrolysis Center, we follow universally recognized safe sanitation and sterilization procedures. And we use only pre-sterilized, disposable electrolysis probes which we discard after each electrolysis treatment.

We offer a FREE consultation to evaluate the best course of treatment for you.